Ye Yushan's


Ye Yushan's Resume
Mr. Ye Yushan was born in 1935 in Deyang, Sichuan Province.
    He was deeply influenced by the folk art of New Year Pictures and shadow puppet at an early age. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
   He served successively as the professor and president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the director of the Arts Council of Culture Department of Sichuan Province, the honorary chaiman of Sichuan Artists Association, the executive council member of the National Arts Council for Urban Sculpture and a member of the Faculty Board of China National Academy of Painting. He is a national-level expert with outstanding contribution and has won the "National May 1st Labor Medal".
    His representative works include "Sitting Statue of Chairman Mao", "Land", "Gele Mountain Martyrs' Sculptures"(Co-work), "Spring • Summer • Autumn • Winter", "Monument to the Red Army's Breakthrough of Xiang River", "Independence • Democracy", "Liberation • Construction", "Du Fu", "Li Bai"(Seattle, USA), "Eight Immortals" Series and "Rebirth "( new Beichuan county).
    He has received numerous awards including the National Best Award for Public Sculpture, the Achievement Award for New China Urban Sculpture Construction and the Lifetime Achievement Award for Plastic Art and etc..
  His works do well in expressing major historic events and historical figures. His sculptures boast deep cultural connotations, yet are built in a concise style, which embodies both the tragic epic with revolutionary heroism and the poet's romantic elements. He has unique views and expressiveness in exploring between tradition and reality, as well as between national features and local trait.
   The "Goddess of the Mountain" and the main part of the "Friendship• Peace • Spring", all come from Mr. Ye, and the former is collected by Changchun Sculpture Arts Gallery while the latter acts as the theme stature of Changchun World Sculpture Park.